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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Used Panties Online

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Most women know the experience of being watched by a man all too well. They stare at you at work and watch your every move at the gym. You may assume that they’re checking out your rear end or imagining how you look undressed, but there’s a good chance some of them are actually thinking about your panties. It’s common for men to wonder about the color and fabric of a woman’s undergarments, and many are interested in sticking their noses deep in those panties for an exhilarating sniff.

While most men have to wait for sexual encounters to fulfill those desires, many are now turning to the internet. We’re not talking about sexual deviants. Many online buyers of worn panties have professional jobs and fulfilling personal relationships. They come from all around the world and have at least a small amount of disposable income, and they’re willing to spend some of that cash on your used panties.

This guide will provide in-depth information for every woman interested in selling worn panties online. If you aren’t sure whether this opportunity fits your personality, financial need or lifestyle, the details provided will help you determine whether you want to proceed or look for another opportunity to make money online.

Do you already have a pile of panties ready to distribute for the pleasure of customers around the world? In that case, this guide will help you avoid the most common beginner mistakes. The goal is to help women maximize profits from their panties while staying safe, so even experienced sellers may find something of value here.

The History of Panty Sniffing

Many people were introduced to the concept of selling used panties online by watching the third season of the popular Netflix drama “Orange is the New Black,” otherwise referred to as OITNB. While Piper did start a lucrative business by asking her fellow inmates to wear sexy panties in exchange for flavor packs, the Japanese are typically credited with starting the panty-sniffing trend years earlier. You can buy nearly anything from a Japanese vending machine, and that includes worn panties in an assortment of colors, styles and sizes.

Since online shopping now gives consumers access to products from around the world, it was only a matter of time before used panties evolved from vending machines to virtual commodities. The inclination to smell is as natural as the urge to urinate. When you take raw meat from the refrigerator, you may smell it to determine if it’s still fresh. Men approach women in much the same way, and it’s natural for them to find the scent of a woman arousing. When human nature collides with the internet, a unique money-making opportunity is presented to women like you.

The Value of Your Undies

Many women are attracted to the idea of selling their used panties but they doubt whether men are interested in their scent. Some assume that they’re too old while others think that they need to lose weight so that men find them more attractive. The best piece of advice that you will ever hear is this: Don’t count yourself out or sell yourself short.

There are panty buyers out there for every type of woman. Regardless of your age or shape, there are men interested in sniffing your goods. Some men enjoy wearing the panties that they buy online while others just want to sniff. Still others have intentions that you will never know about, and that’s part of the excitement for many women.

The Foundation of a Used Panty Business – What’s Really Involved?

You’re going to wear panties most days of the week anyway, so why not drop them in the mail rather than your dirty laundry pile? Many women start out with that simplistic mindset, but there’s a lot more involved if you want to make real money from panty sales. You have the panties that many customers want, but you have to find those customers and inform them of your services in order to create a profitable online business.

This list will give you a quick overview of tasks typically involved in this type of business:

  • Shopping for panties
  • Shooting attractive photos that fairly represent each pair of panties and your brand
  • Editing photos
  • Posting photos on your preferred selling platform
  • Updating online profiles and writing ads
  • Responding to customer inquiries through email or online message systems
  • Maintaining your website (optional)
  • Interacting with customers on social media accounts
  • Tracking sales
  • Arranging payment for each customer
  • Packaging and shipping sold panties
  • Creating, marketing and packaging additional products sold with your panties (optional)

How you go about many of these tasks will depend on how much time you want to invest in your business, how much money you expect to make and which selling platform you select. You will learn more about selecting the right platform and setting realistic earnings expectations in later sections of this guide. For now, just acknowledge that you will have to put some effort into your panty-selling business if you want to earn even part-time or occasional income.

How Much Time Does it Really Take?

In an anonymous survey presented by to online used panty sellers, nearly half of the 90 respondents reported spending between one and three hours conducting business each week. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s important to note that most people selling used panties don’t consider it a full-time business. Most women devoting fewer than five hours per week to the business are using the income as an occasional supplement to their full-time jobs. Many also use panty sales to generate extra cash while they’re in college.

The study also revealed that 20 percent of the respondents spend more than 10 hours per week selling panties online. Just like any online business, you can assume that those spending more time marketing their products and interacting with customers earn more money than those devoting only a few hours to the cause each week.

As you break into the dirty panty business, you will have to determine how much time you want to spend promoting your products and fulfilling special requests from your customers. You may start out slow and build with time, or you may go all in and start with 10 or more hours per week right from the start.

Financial Matters

There are many factors that may determine how much money you can make selling your panties online. For instance, you can start with a basic panty charge and add fees for extra services. One candid seller revealed in an online interview that she charges more for wearing her panties longer than 12 hours or for added services like “spit, cream pie, peed-in, skid marks, and other bits and bobs.”

Some women also add personal photos or videos to increase the price of their panties. You may decide to write your customers handwritten love notes to deliver the girlfriend experience. Some women go so far as arranging in-person meetings, Skyping or having phone sex with their customers. If you have unique talents, a little creative thinking may lead to an add-on for which many customers are willing to pay more.

To get an idea of what most women selling panties online are earning, consider the following results from the survey:

  • Less than 20 percent of the women consider online panty sales their full-time job, and more than half of them have “regular” jobs in addition to their panty sales.
  • Nearly 60 percent of respondents reported earning $50-$100 per week selling their panties.
  • Less than 15 percent reported earning more than $250 per week.
  • 22 percent of respondents reported selling their panties for $35-39, and 20 percent reported pricing their panties at $50 or more. Many women at that higher price point admitted to including other products like phone sex.
  • The majority of the women set their prices above $25.

New sellers are often tempted to undercut their competitors by asking far less than their panties are actually worth. For instance, one seller told the New York Post that she charges $19 per pair with up to 48 hours of wear. This is lower than what many others charge, and some established sellers consider this a disservice to all women because it sets an expectation in the customer’s mind that they should pay less for used panties.

In many cases, women find that low prices turn customers off because they assume that lower prices equal lower quality. Even worse, customers may fear a scam and turn to a more established seller guaranteed to deliver. Customers fear getting ripped off just as much as sellers, so they are often more interested in knowing that you’re legit than getting a steep discount. You have a valuable product that is in high demand, so why shortchange yourself?

Expected Business Expenses

The survey estimated that the girls were earning approximately $30 per hour, but you have to consider business expenses when determining your potential for profit. The most common expenses include:

  • Panties
  • Packaging supplies
  • Shipping

If you decide to start your own website, then you may need to hire a web designer or pay to register your domain name, research keywords with a tool like, and place online ads to attract visitors to your website. This is a more substantial investment that will include some maintenance expenses over time, but it’s not required for all online panty sellers.

If you decide to print pictures or include other add-ons, you will have additional expenses. It’s important to consider the time and upfront investment when setting your prices for these services.

How to Save on Panties

Many women purchase cotton panties in bulk through wholesale websites. Others make routine trips to local secondhand stores like the Salvation Army and Goodwill, stocking up on a variety of used panties at low prices. This takes more of an upfront investment than some women expect, but inventory is important for every product-based business.

If you just want to sell your personal stock of panties when you need the money and pick up new ones during your next shopping trip, then you may have all the inventory that you need in your dresser right now. If you’re interested in turning this into a profitable online business, then you will need to think about stocking up on your biggest sellers so that you can stink them up and deliver them quickly.

Bulk purchases will deliver lower prices to increase your profit margin, but you may also want to offer something special that you hand pick from your favorite store. Of course, you will charge more for those specialty items to justify your expenditure.

Shopping for panties is a fun part of this business, but it’s easy to spend just as much as you make. You can keep prices low by shopping the big sales and taking advantage of discounts offered online and through emailed store newsletters. Many stores now text discounts to subscribers as well.

When selecting panties, keep in mind that cotton briefs are popular because the material holds scent better than silkier fabrics. Some customers buy used panties to smell them while others enjoy the feel of sexy fabric. Still others are attracted to designer panties or panties of a specific color. The needs are vast, so you can experiment with different types of panties until you find a popular option. Once you find a winner, stock up.

Arranging for Payment

If you have a PayPal account, think twice before using it for online panty transactions. Adult transactions violate the PayPal terms of service, and they can freeze your account if they catch on to the nature of your online sales. This payment service is also known for suspending or closing accounts for questionable reasons and at unexpected times. Customers can also dispute transactions with PayPal, locking your money up for an extended period of time or leaving you without the money altogether. There’s also the risk of revealing your real name or other personal information when using this service.

Some of the best online dirty panty marketplaces now include secure and convenient payment services that cater to both buyer and seller needs. For instance, allows buyers to pay directly into the system, securing their payment information while freeing sellers from chasing down payments personally. The sellers receive “Panty Coins” for each payment entered, and they can withdraw those coins for cash payments. This eliminates the concern that PayPal will take issue with your business or that your customers will discover your real name or other personal information.

If you sell some panties outside of a reputable marketplace, you can use GiftRocket as an alternative online payment service or ask your customers to send you a prepaid Visa card with funds loaded. Make sure that you receive the card and verify the amount of money loaded before mailing the panties. Some sellers also use Green Dot MoneyPaks, but you don’t want to give a customer access to your money card so that they can make deposits. You must maintain control of your money at all times, so ask customers to secure their own MoneyPak card and transfer funds from their card to yours.

If you just want to sell your panties for extra shopping money, you may also allow clients to send you gift cards instead of cash payments. Electronic gift cards are fast and easy to purchase online, and you can verify the gift by going to the website and entering the gift card number delivered by your client. You can ask for gift cards to Amazon, eBay or any other store that you enjoy shopping.

Some clients prefer to pay with a personal check or money order, but not all sellers will accommodate these requests. Personal checks are a bad idea because they leave you vulnerable to high bank charges if they bounce. Money orders are safer, but you should wait until you receive the money and verify its authenticity before you send your product.

Select Your Selling Platform & Get Started

A selling platform is simply a website, auction site or online marketplace that connects sellers and buyers. You have to pick at least one method before you can present your used panties online and start communicating with interested customers. Here is a quick breakdown of your options.

Dirty Panty Marketplaces

Amazon is a good example of an online marketplace that connects paying consumers with in-demand products, but you can’t offer your used panties through most of these generalized markets. You need to use a niche marketplace like, which makes it easy for sellers to list images and product details in a panty-friendly environment. functions much like a social media site by allowing users to follow one another and browse a newsfeed similar to a Facebook feed. Not only does this simplify the process of collecting payment, but it also allows you to spend more time getting to know real customers who will pay for your panties. You will receive fewer stall tactics and creepy comments on this site because customers have to pay for a membership.

Craigslist and Other Classified Sites

Panty sales aren’t allowed on most of these sites, but that doesn’t stop many sellers from listing their goods. The upside is that these platforms are free and heavily used by men from around the world. The downside is that they are free and heavily used by all types of men.

Yes, what benefits you one day will lead to complete frustration many other days. You will receive a lot of strange requests, negative or demeaning messages and insincere customers who just waste your time. You have to take extra safety precautions when using any free site, and you will have to post your ads multiple times per day to keep them at the top of the page.

Social Media Sites

You can promote your panty sales through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and many other social media sites, but it’s best to think of this as marketing rather than your ultimate sales platform. Get attention on these sites and then lead customers to your website or an authentic marketplace where you can accept payment and protect your right to privacy. We’ll discuss the effective use of social media and give other pointers for marketing your panty business later in this guide.

Sub-Forums on Reddit

You can go to and find “subreddits” dedicated to dirty panty lovers, and some women do post their pictures in hopes of making sales. The problem is that there aremore than 35 million registered Reddit users, and that list of members could easily include your boss, your grandmother and countless other people in your social circle. Sexy pictures are commonly stolen from the site and distributed around the internet, and some women are publicly attacked by ex-lovers interested in spreading rumors or revealing dirty secrets. It’s best to stick to the privacy of a marketplace if you don’t have a thick skin or don’t want to air your dirty undies to anyone and everyone.

Personal Website

You can buy a domain name and use social media to feed the site with visitors interested in buying panties, but this will require a lot more time and financial investment than many sellers want to accept. You can establish a true online business with a steady following if you keep up with a blog and multiple social media sites connected to your website, and you won’t have to pay commission on your sales to a marketplace. The question is whether you will come out ahead since the cost of maintaining and promoting a website can far outweigh the commission you would pay a marketplace.

What is Right for Your Used Panty Business?

When selecting the best selling platform, keep the money collection process in mind. You want to sell used panties online for profit, but you don’t want to chase customers around for days just to get that payment. You also don’t want to waste time with jokers who have no intention of ever sending you a dime. A marketplace cuts out all of that hassle and allows you to focus exclusively on bonding with customers, perfecting your image and creating panties that your customers would pay to touch and sniff.

Tips for Mailing Used Panties

One way to set your panty services apart from your competitors is to use creative packaging. At the very least, you want to put each pair of panties in a plastic bag with a zip top, and it’s best to use a smaller bag with less air surrounding the product. The plastic will preserve the scent of the panties so that it remains strong enough to please your customer. If you can vacuum seal the panties, then you will preserve the scent to an even greater degree.

You may also consider placing the panties in decorative glass jars. This will cost you more out of pocket, but it’s a great way to keep your favorite clients coming back for more. You may decide to offer higher quality panties or designer panties that come in these glass jars while keeping your cheap cotton panties in plastic bags. You may even offer occasional promotions where one lucky winner will receive a decorative jar with two or three pair of panties. You can buy jars at your local dollar store or in bulk through online wholesalers.

When it’s time to mail the goods, get insurance on the package and select “used clothing” as the description of what’s inside. You also want to include tracking so that you can determine where a package is if a customer asks about the status of their order. This will also help you handle customers who claim that they didn’t receive their package.

You want to deliver packages in a timely manner, but you don’t want to make daily trips to the post office. Here are some tips to help you manage packing and shipping so that it doesn’t take over your life:

  • Set one or two days per week that you will visit the post office. Share this information with your clients openly so that they know when to place orders for your next shipment date.
  • When a customer places multiple orders within a short period of time, ask if you can combine the orders to save on shipping.
  • Use plain white or brown envelopes for packaging, and keep the face of the envelope free of hearts, special messages or other hints that the contents are personal or adult in nature. Most customers demand discretion even if you decide to include personal notes inside the packaging.

Explorations in Communications – How to Interact with Customers Effectively

Many sellers employ their flirtation skills when interacting with potential clients through social media or email, but it’s important to keep your brand in mind. Think of light flirting as a unique form of customer service or indirect sales. A customer can look at your pictures and get aroused, but they’re more likely to buy what they see in the picture if they have a sense of the woman formerly inside the panties.

Let your personality shine in marketplace newsfeeds, forums and email messages. Customers will notice the authenticity, and they will want to order your panties as a result. Imagine the men that you have caught staring at you in daily life. Your customers are just more men interested in seeing what you have going on underneath the clothing, and your panties are a way for them to enjoy you from a safe distance.

If you don’t feel comfortable communicating with clients in a flirtatious manner, then it’s important to establish the boundaries right from the start by keeping all communications polite, to the point and focused on business. You still want to sound friendly and inviting in order to encourage men to purchase your goods. Put a smile into your communications whenever possible, but you get to decide what language you use and how you respond to flirtatious comments.

Establishing Boundaries with Friendly Clients

The opportunity to flirt and joke around with people from around the world is what makes online panty sales fun for many women. If you want to earn real money, it’s important to balance that fun with productive work. You will need to contact clients regarding payments and the status of their shipments, and you want to take care of those things in a professional manner. The faster these issues are handled, the less time you have to spend working your business each day.

If you find yourself routinely caught up in long chats with the same client, then you’re probably doing more flirting than is necessary to win their business. You may want to focus more on presenting images and updates on a marketplace feed to entertain all of your potential customers at once, and then stick to business-related topics when it comes to email or private conversations. While you want to remain friendly, you must use good judgement so that you don’t waste time indulging needy clients or send mixed messages to clients who find you attractive.

Exactly where is the line and how do you know when your toe is dangerously close to overstepping? Every woman gets to set her own boundaries, and you will find your line once you start interacting with customers. While some women enjoy the attention that they receive from their growing fan base, others prefer as little client communication as possible. You will determine where you fall on that continuum and structure your panty-selling business accordingly.

How to Spot & Avoid Time Wasters

Even if you enjoy receiving attention from potential customers and have a naturally flirtatious personality, you don’t want to entertain time wasters for too long. These are people who appear as interested leads but who really have no intention of ever purchasing your panties.

They may have an interest in you personally but no interest in panties, so they just want to talk dirty or flirt as long as you will indulge them. They may want your panties but lack the money to actually buy them. Some are just bored and are killing time with you as their entertainment, and still others just want to see your reaction when they send you disgusting messages.

You will often spot time wasters right away because they will talk to you about everything but your panties. They may start up a conversation with a question that sounds promising but the conversation will feel more like a sexting encounter than a pending panty sale. If you think that they are more interested in getting off on the conversation than on your panties, it’s best to fill them in on where they can order your panties and what you currently have available before ending the conversation.

While every situation is different, here are some red flags that will help you identify a time waster:

  • Empty Promises: They may continually say that they are going to pay for panties next Friday when they get paid or when they get home from work. While they never follow through with payment, they continue sending messages that are flirty or personal in nature.
  • Endless Negotiations: These people will try to negotiate prices or special services without ever fully agreeing to anything. While you get frustrated because you can’t seem to make them happy, they are enjoying the interaction with a woman. These clients often want to see what you are willing to do in terms of special services, but they aren’t necessarily interested in paying you to do them. The thought combined with your picture is enough for them.
  • Negative Encounters: When you receive a nasty message insulting your intelligence, critiquing your appearance in a picture or otherwise intent on hurting you, it’s best not to respond. They obviously have some issues of their own to sort out emotionally, and you don’t deserve the abuse even if they might one day make a purchase.

While you will encounter different types of people each day that you sell panties online, you don’t have to sacrifice your time on those without true intentions of buying your products. You can cut off communications politely when you identify a stall technique, or you can work exclusively through a marketplace where customers are required to pay for a membership. This will eliminate those who creep around free classified and social media sites with impure intentions, limiting your encounters to paying customers with a sincere interest in buying panties from authentic women like you.

Tips for Promoting Your Panty Business

How much time you have to spend marketing your panties will depend largely on your chosen sales platform. If you decide to work exclusively through an online marketplace like, the service will do much of the marketing on your behalf. They will bring in the paying customers with an interest in panties, and you will only have to show photos of your products and participate in the social aspects of the site to grab the attention of those customers. You may also want to put some effort into building a social media following, directing interested customers to the marketplace to make purchases.

Product and Personal Photos

Photos are an essential marketing tool for every woman selling used panties online. Customers want to at least see the panties that they are buying, and many are more inclined to put their money on the table if they can see the woman actually wearing the panties. Some sellers use generic photos of the panties unworn while others post videos and pictures of them actually exercising and moving around in the panties. You get to decide what type of pictures you feel comfortable taking, but keep in mind that images of real women wearing panties are more likely to grab attention in a busy marketplace.

The only rule is that you don’t want to show your face. Either take pictures from your backside or from the waist down. If you plan to sell bras in addition to panties, you may want to reveal your chest or the bra straps going around your back, but that isn’t required for standard panty sales.

If you have prominent birthmarks, tattoos or other marks that may reveal your identity, you may want to conceal them with makeup or hide them through selective posing. This reduces the chance of someone you know seeing the picture and discovering your side business.

Develop a Social Media Following

You don’t want to try finalizing panty sales through a social media website, but you can use these services to attract attention. Your goal is to send interested buyers to your marketplace profile or website where they can purchase your goods if desired. Start by creating social media accounts under an alternate name. Have fun with this. You want to give yourself an alternate ego and allow your fun side to come out and play. Make sure this name coordinates with your marketplace screenname so that your customers aren’t confused when they try to find you there.

Rather than posting pictures of the panties that you’re trying to sell, use your social media account to post witty or funny comments, jokes and interesting commentary on current events. You want to show your sexy side and get the attention of men in general. Those with an interest in learning more about you will follow your links to your website or market profile, and then those with an interest in sniffing you out may make a purchase.

It’s important to lead with your personality and a unique selling proposition while sticking to the rules for each social media website. Your unique selling proposition is something that makes you stand out from all the other women online. Perhaps you’re a hot pregnant woman soon to transform into a MILF. Maybe you’re a married lady interested in some innocent online play. Men are interested in every type of women, including older women, masculine women and big beautiful women, otherwise known as BBW.

Determine what makes you special, and play that up through social media and in your marketplace posts. Stick to that online persona, and you will naturally attract customers with an interest in that type of woman. Some of your new social media connections may not even know that they can buy panties online, but they will expand their horizons when they follow a link from your Facebook or Twitter account.

Creating a social media following is the number one way to keep customers coming back for more. They have a sense of knowing you on a more personal level, and they want to support you in every way possible. While this may seem like a lot of work, many sellers embrace social media because they enjoy displaying this aspect of their personality. Have fun with it, and your customers will pick up on your sincerity and reward you with sales.

The Final Word: Stay Safe while Profiting from Your Panties


You’re probably juiced up and ready to start making money from online panty sales, but first read these quick tips for staying safe in the business:

  • If you use free classified services, don’t advertise in your own city or state. For instance, if you live in North Carolina, advertise in states other than North Carolina. This will help you reach a larger group of customers while making it more difficult for someone to determine where you live.
  • Create an online persona that you use instead of your real name. Make sure that all payment services, websites, landing pages, ads and other online marketing resources protect your true identity.
  • Use a free email address just for your panty business, and make sure it is registered under your online persona rather than your real name.
  • On every mailed package, use the customer’s mailing address in the sender and receiver space so that you don’t disclose your personal address or name.
  • Turn the geotag off on your cell phone, tablet or any electronic device used in your business. This includes disabling location settings on social media sites. For instance, anyone can see your location when you chat through Facebook messenger unless you disable that feature.
  • If you create your own website, you will have to provide personal information to register your domain name. Opt into Whois Privacy when you register the site. It will cost you less than $5 in most cases and will ensure that no one can determine your identity through the Whois registry.

You’re now ready to start profiting from your used panties, but keep in mind that this is just like any other online business. You are marketing a product to paying customers, and it may take some time to build a loyal following of repeat clients. The more you put into the business, the more you will get out of it eventually. If you follow the advice presented throughout this guide, you will easily align your expectations with your level of commitment for a rewarding experience.

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