Hosting Name Description Megs
RevShare Hosting Tired of trying to deal with the free host of the week...feel like you spend all your time working just to pay your server bill? Revshare Hosting is a revolutionary new concept of providing adult webmasters with premium adult hosting service and support for a share of the revenue generated. Unlimited
TGP Free Host Network Free Hosting for the serious TGP webmaster. Fast servers, Full FTP, and our TGP resource archive.
PorkyHost PorkyHost is lightning fast! We offer either bannerless free hosting or small headers and footers. Real FTP. Unlimited storage and bandwidth. We provide 24/7 support and we can host your domain for free. We also offer super-cheap premium plans. Check us out today! Bite into something juicier! Unlimited
Porn Parks Enjoy the world's first globally distributed freehost! With servers all over the world and over 1Gb/s of network capacity you will find PornParks to be the fastest free place to park your porn! Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and 50Mb of FREE space! 50
TripleXfree AdultHosting Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited DiskSpace, REAL Ftp, and Much Much More... Unlimited
Showgirl 25 megs disk space with unlimited bandwith 100% FREE 25
Gigme free hosting, 40MB, unlimited accounts, high speed connectivity, TGP traffic OK. 40
AdultState This is the most complete free adult hosting community. You get 15 meg of web space on a super fast connection for your adult site! 15
GarbageHost GarbageHost - We'll host anything! 24/7 FTP, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Accounts! Custom Domain Names! Extremely TGP Compliant! Fast Webmaster Support! VERY Fast Servers! Unlimited
Adult Check AVS Freehost The Adult Check AVS Freehost provides premium free AVS Website hosting for Adult Check AVS sites! Teir 1 listings, Adult Check only advertising, Full FTP, Unlimited Storage! An amazing Freehost for your AVS Sites! Unlimited
100 Pics Free Hosting 10mb, Real FTP access, TGP friendly, no pop ups - Free Hosting. 10
Super Free Host 60 mb of free space, sub domain names, multiple domains , free email , ftp access , account manager ,
Unlimited bandwidth ... more
HardcorePorn Free Hosting 50mb of free space, unlimited bandwidth and free promotion. 50
Free Adult Web Hosting BUILD your site. PROMOTE your site. KEEP your site. We do not and will not redirect your traffic like some free hosting services do. It's your site and we pay all hosting fees. Unlimited
EroBoom 100 MB, Perl, PHP, C scripts, SSI, Password Protect, unlimited bandwidth, full FTP access, unlimited subdomains and domains litle advertise: text banner, pop up. 24/7 support! 100
ZoneBest Get 10 Meg FREE with UNLIMITED bandwidth, Full FTP Access, FREE domain hosting, Multiple Accounts, FAST Servers, TGP & AVS friendly! 10
Aphrodite's Form Your totally FREE web hosting solution. We offer free domain name hosting, free pop3 account, free
unlimited bandwidth and web space, free site promotion (keyword optimization and submission to 1,100 search engines!), FTP access, and more!
Amateur-Zone Free hosting, reliable server, no pop-up windows! few host banners 10 Ultra Fast Servers on a Gigabit Network, UNLIMITED Disk Space & Bandwidth, Full FTP, Domain Hosting Unlimited
MSOnline Adult Webhosting Unlimited Bandwith, Fast and reliable servers, Ftp Uploading, No stealing traffic, TGP Friendly 10
World Wide Virtual Free Hosting Speed makes a difference
Content on request
Full support
Domain Hosting
Unlimited BANNERLESS Free Adult Fast WebHosting. OPTIONS: FTP, CGI, PHP, SSI, 50 Mgb space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Always UpTime! 50 We setup up a fully customizable tgp for you and host it for free without banners or popups. You can easily upload new graphics and banners. Unlimited
FreeSexHosts Allows multiple accounts
Tgp compliant headers
Java upload
Extreme Free Hosting 10Mb disk space, FTP access, unlimited accounts, small ads, unlimited bandwidth, free Email, TGP FRIENDLY, webmaster resources, traffic generating schemes, income opportunities. We will host your adult sites or galleries and it wont cost you a penny! 10
RevShare Hosting Tired of trying to deal with the free host of the week...feel like you spend all your time working just to pay your server bill? Revshare Hosting is a revolutionary new concept of providing adult webmasters with premium adult hosting service and support for a share of the revenue generated. Unlimited
HostGay.Net Free adult gay hosting, 20Mb space, Unlimited Data Transfer, easy to use web file manager. 20
Gay Host 4 Free Fast free gay hosting with FTP access, free content, free traffic, unlimited space and bandwodth! Unlimited Free Adult Web Hosting and AWESOME Content Check it out!!! We currently offer Unlimited Of FREE Web Space, Free Unlimited Bandwidth, Free Automated Set-up, Free Web Board, Guestbook, EZ-HomePage Maker, New FTP Like Multi File Uploading (Super Fast), Multiple Accounts Allowed, Give You Some Info On Good Sponsors and I Even Help You Get Traffic! Unlimited
WackyHost Free Adult Hosting, 20 megs, unlimited traffic, ftp access 20
Nude Server Multi-file upload, just like FTP! Unlimited Bandwidth! TGP Friendly! 50MB+ of web space! Minimal Advertising! 50
Xtreme Thumbnail Gallery Posters 20megs of Disk space. Multiple accounts. FTP 24/7. TGP compliant and accepted on Big TGP's! FREE Traffic for your site! FREE Content for users! Great resources! 20
Porn Free Host Free Domain Hosting,
Unlimited Storage Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Real FTP Uploading and Online File Manager,
Ultra Fast Servers
TGP Compliant
We Will NEVER Steal Your Traffic
100kb Max File Size
Thumbnail Maker And Image Resizer
Clean Free Host Full FTP, Unlimited BW, Domain Hosting, Clean Small Ads, Good Support Unlimited Super fast free hosting with FTP access, unlimited disk space and bandwidth! Unlimited
PornyHost Host with us for FREE! We have the best servers, the fastest connections, tons of space and of course unlimited of bandwitdh! NO HEADERS for a month! 75
SexWebSites Fast freehosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, ftp and subdomains all on fast reliable servers! Unlimited
Pornserver Free adult hosting with FTP , No Footer, 20mb diskspace , Unlimited accounts, unlimited bandwidth. 20
X100 Fast free-hosting with 20megs of Disk space. SHORT URL's, Multiple accounts. FTP 24/7 UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, ftp and sub-domains all on fast reliable servers!, TGP compliant and accepted on Big TGP's! 20
Porn-Forums Free forum/bbs hosting for adult webmasters. Unlimited
TGPZ.COM Free honest high quality webhosting service - VERY LOW amount of adds, compatibility with TGP rules, own free subdomain, full instant FTP, unlimited bandwidth, always uptime! 50
XXX Place Adult Hosting Free XXX Adult Hosting. Get 10 Megs To host your websites for FREE today. Unlimited accounts, Unlimited Bandwidth, TGP Friendly, Free Content, Extensive Resources and Help, also Full FTP Access. 10
AdultProHost Small Headers and Footers, fully TGP compatible Unlimited Free Virtual Domain & Regular Hosting; Unlimited Space & Bandwidth; Your own unlimited FTP account; TGP Compliant;
Movie files accepted; Smallest header/footer in the industry;
Clean 404 page; We do not, and never will, redirect your traffic!
PhreeHost Free full domain/subdomain hosting, unlimited space & bandwidth, ftp & web manager, small ads (bannerless until May 10, 2002) Unlimited
XXX Nova Full feature, super fast unlimited adult web hosting, adult e-commerce, scripts, webmaster resources, dedicated servers. Control Panel, Web Mail, Stats. All Features Unlimited! Unlimited
BestPornHost Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Space
No Popups,console or stolen traffic
FTP and Web Based Uploads
Only Small Text Ads
Fast Dedicated Servers
Porn Home Free XXX Adult Hosting. Get 15 Megs To host your websites for FREE today. Unlimited accounts, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free WWW board, Guest Book and Form Mail. Java uploads allow you to upload your entire site in one click! Free Content, Extensive Resources, help making money. 15
Pride Sites Free GAY Adult Hosting. Get 20 Megs To host your websites for FREE today. Unlimited accounts, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free WWW board, Guest Book and Form Mail. Java uploads allow you to upload your entire site in one click! Free Content, Extensive Resources, help making money. 20
TGPFreeHost TGPFreeHost - Next Generation Freehost: 50MB, NO banners, Clean URLS, NO redirects, Real FTP access, auto-unzip, TGP and traffic building secrets, Great members area, fast support. 50
Altsights Free Gay Hosting We offer 50Mb, Unlimited Accounts, Unlimited Bandwidth, Full FTP Access 24/7, You can use your Domain Name or a Sub-Domain, Webmaster Resources, Promote your Site or Galleries on our Search Engine or TGP. TGP, TGP2 and AVS welcome! For Serious Gay Hosting. 50
HostingHive HostingHive is a kick ass free host with 50MB of storage per category, FTP, live support, no headers or footers, and no pop-ups ads! 50
Gay Porn Town Free Gay XXX Adult Hosting. Get 25 Megs To host your websites for FREE today. Unlimited accounts, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free WWW board, Guest Book and Form Mail. Java uploads allow you to upload your entire site in one click! Free Content, Extensive Resources, help making money. 25
TheSexServer Free porn host with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, host subdomains with REAL ftp account, host domains. 100% tgp compatible. Unlimited
Snarfs Snarfs Free Adult Web Hosting. Unlimited bandwidth, ultra fast servers, professionally administered. 100 Megs free space, and TGSW receips! 100
iAMSEX Free virtual domain name hosting, 10 Megs, Unlimited bandwidth, Powerful Linux servers, FTP uploads, and much more! 10 100 mb of webspace
Unlimited bandwidth
Fast, reliable servers
File uploads manager
150 kb max file size
Free XXX Server is proud to present to you the best in FREE adult web hosting. Combine our fast servers and extensive help and support and you've found yourself a solid partner. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Here's what you get, 100% FREE!
100+ MB Of Free Space.  Multiplie Accounts. Control Panel.
Unlimited Bandwidth.
Up To 80k File Size Allowed
TGP Friendly. Ultra Fast Servers
69 DRIVE Unlimited bandwidth, 100 MB disk space, full FTP access. Free cluster-based web hosting with very low advertisements for any adult projects including TGPs and MoviePosts. Free 3rd level domain name, existing domain transfer. Fast channels and servers. No traffic redirections, no exit consoles. Free 24/7/365 support provided by team of qualificated webmasters and system administrators. All services are totally FREE! 100 Unlimited bandwidth,
Fast, reliable servers,
File uploads manager,
500 kb max file size,
Video files are allowed,
Bannerless webhosting
150 Free Adult Hosting.
Unlimited disk space & bandwidth & accounts. TGP and AVS friendly.
No popups! Minimal text only ads.
All services are totally FREE!
Fast & Reliable & Easy Set up!
Filthy Server Free Adult Web Hosting with instant account activations, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited disk space, Real FTP accounts, Free Domain Hosting & Parking, Fast Multiple Servers, Free Targetted Traffic. Two types of hosting, banner/footer and popunders. No dirty Tricks like traffic redirection, of foriegn traffic targeting. Friendly support staff. Unlimited
- 100 MB Disk Space
- FTP access
- NO Redirection of Your Traffic
- 1000 Mbps Network
- Fast Servers
- 85K File Size Limit
- The LOWEST Amount of Advertising on Your Pages
- TGP Compliant
FNPSites AVS Hosting Free hosting for FreeNetPass and AccessForLife AVS sites. Unlimited bandwidth and space, ftp, and bannerless. Unlimited
100 xenterx We offer 100% functional FTP and web base transfer, unlimited bandwidth, 1000 Mbs Network connection, very fast server, Domain host, TGPs compliant, and much more.. The best of all it is 100% free. Unlimited free host Free Adult Web Hosting with instant account activations, Unlimited bandwidth, huge disk space, Real full feature FTP accounts, Free domain hosting, 1000mbs network means
fast server, and tgp complaint. And the best thing it is free.
We use Level3 network & Williams, we have no deals with cheap cogent.
Us have all!  >> Three POPULAR CJ SCRIPTS: Traffic Drive, NFSO, Ultra Plus 1.0.4.  >> We are host Your domains.
>> On request give PHP, CGI, MYSQL if You will want to install Top, or what or other script.  All niche allowed - except child porn.  Most popular Free Hosting for CJ sites:
20 Free hosting! Unlimited bandwidth, 500mb of space, very small ads! Instant account activation! TGP friendly! 500
SexxxServer NO REDIRECTION OF TRAFFIC, TGP COMPLIANT, HTML EDITORS, 100mb of space (more when you need it ), Unlimited bandwidth, Minimal Ads, HTML EDITORS, EASY FILE UPLOADING
Unlimited Accounts, Easy site administration, Instant Account Activation!
Porn Grub Tgp compliant, full FTP access, 50Meg space, unlimited bandwidth. Fast and reliable adult web site hosting. Dedicated porn hosting. Plus adult webmaster resources and content providers. 50 Real FTP Access, Unlimited Space, No Banners, Dailers Or Popups Unlimited
Clean Sex Host Unlimited bandwith, unlimited disk space, real FTP, small adds, fast servers Unlimited
smutISP 50MB Space, Full FTP access, Free domain hosting, 100% TGP compliant, small headers. 50
FreeXCity 30MB unlimited bandwith, video files ok! Free Resources to promote your site. 30
Teen-Young-porn Free Hosting For Teen Sites And Not Only! Reliable servers, 50mb, Real FTP access, TGP friendly, No traffic redirections, No pop ups! Free 24/7/365 support provided by team of qualificated webmasters and system administrators. All services are totally FREE! 50
THUMBNAILHOST Free Adult Hosting for your site and galleries.
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Full FTP access
High speed servers
Small header and small footer
Unlimited 500 MB Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Integrated FTP, Free Message Board, TGP Friendly! 500
Porn Masters Free hosting on a Layer3 GigE 1000mbps network. 150 Mb diskspace, unlimited bandwidth, small headers/footers, free domain hosting, 100% TGP compliant 150 Free adult hosting. Unlimited disk space, unlimited Data Transfer,real ftp, free domain, Your Domain Name Hosting Unlimited Unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, FTP applet (just like real FTP) minimal ads and TGP friendly! Instant account activation. Unlimited
Gallery Home Adult Free Host - Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Real FTP Uploads, No Popups and Consoles, Fully TGP compliant, Small Headers and Footers, Multiple Accounts Allowed, Ultra Fast Servers, Excellent Support Unlimited
Nasty-Pages Adult Free Hosting: Full Real FTP-access, No Redirection, 100% TGP Compliant, Free Content Unlimited
My Gay Host Unlimited Free Hosting for gay websites Unlimited
Shared Gallery Premade galleries with sponsor's free content. Half of affiliated links are ours, half yours - just bring the traffic. We also offer payed hosting for sponsor's galleries. Various
Hosted Free Site Premade free sites with sponsor's free content - half of affiliated links are ours, half yours - just bring the traffic. We also offer paid hosting and design for sponsor's free sites. Various
Hardcore Freehost A Proven NON-Redirecting Freehost with Unlimited Storage, 99.9% Uptime
Unlimited Accounts, Custom Domain Names Very Fast Servers
AdultPlace FREE web hosting for ADULT web sites.
100mb disk space, ulimited bandwidth, 99.9% server uptime, small adversting, fast support, cool speed
Vileocity Hosting Get your free hosting account instantly! Why pay for hosting when you can get it for free? If you submit to the TGP's, bandwidth costs can eat up all of your profits. Here at, we give you 500 MB of space to start you out and 10 Gig's of bandwidth...FREE! 500
Blizzard Host Fast, reliable and free host for respectable adult webmasters. We
accept movie files too. Take a minute to check our offer. You will not be
sorry. Maybe the only honest free movie host.
Unlimited Unlimited space and bandwidth, TGP friendly, iFTP, minimal ads, instant activation! Unlimited
Inter Housing Finally there is a solution for hosting your adult site and its free!InterHOUSING is 100% compliant with all major TGPs.Our backbone capacity is scalable and will satisfy all bandwidth needs whether your websites get 10,000, 100,000, or 1,000,000 hits per day. InterHOUSING offer 10 domain names in one sign up. Register today & get 6 hosts in different domains for free. Sign up today with InterHOUSING and take advantage of hosting that uses superior hardware, to deliver exceptionally reliable bandwidth. Unlimited 100% free Adult hosting with NO ADS! No filespace limits or bandwidth restrictions. English language sites only. Unlimited
Tgp FreeHost TGP Freehost - The Original TGP Free Host! Fast Fee Hosting, Real FTP, Custom Domains, 100mb storage, Sponsored Free Hosting. 100% TGP Compliant. 100 FREE adult hosting, Ideal for TGP galleries, Small banners, 50MB, Unlimited bandwidth, FTP, FREE $16 voucher 50
Free Hosting People All the disk space you need! 100% Free bandwith, own subdomain & FTP transfer! -and with only minimal advertisement! Unlimited
FreeHostXXX 50MB superfast webspace, 400KB max filesize, all file types accepted. We have the smallest headers anywhere, choose from header or popup ads on your pages. 24/7 support, 100% tgp compliant and no traffic stealing. 50
Kinky Hosting Free bannerless hosting for your adult sites! Promote any site you like! We have no sponsor restrictions. Unlimited disk space/bandwidth and full FTP access, makes this product perfect for any adult webmaster no matter what kind of sites you run. Unlimited Free Hosting - FTP Access, Perl, CGI, MySQL, minimal ads! 750 Unlimited Space. Unlimited Bandwidth. No forced headers or banners. Only one text link on the footer. We want to do volume by offering the best. Unlimited get from 50 - 500mb adult space to use on your new adult site 50-500
CyberFreeHost Free bannerless adult web hosting with PHP & MySQL and unlimited disk space & bandwidth. Ideal for gallery/movie posters and CJ/Toplists/Linklist owners. Unlimited
XXX Web Servers Free and premium web hosting services. Unlimited bandwidth and space! FTP! Unlimited 500kb filesize, videos allowed with FTP access! use your own domain or subdomain with unlimited space and bandwidth! Unlimited
Optima Host Free adult TGP-friendly, clean, honest host. Domain parking, fast FTP access, always uptime, unlimited bandwith and space. Unlimited Domain & subhosting with ftp, e-mail, access to server logs/ analog stats, unlimited space and bandwidth! Unlimited
Just404 Free domain or subdomain hosting with FTP, email, server logs/stats, unlimited space and bandwidth, no ads just 404! Unlimited
GoodGallerys We have FTP and FXP access. Small headers and footers (< 100pixels) and subdomain type usernames. ie. with 9 domains to choose from. Unlimited
My Gay Host Free Hosting for gay sites. Unlimited Bandwith Unlimited
A Free Server We impose no limit on disk space and bandwidth, and you can host as many pages with us as you can dream of. NO banners, and NO redirections. Unlimited We offer premium hosting services for you at NO CHARGE! You get 100Mb disk space and UNLIMITED bandwidth! Also we install and configure CJ scripts for your needs. No Ads, NO banners, No frames, No pop-ups! TGP's Wellcome! Stop searching for a hosting service provider! Try! 100
Avshost Free Web Hosting Need free hosting with unlimited bandwidth? Then you are in the right place. Host any adult site you want today at 500
VaginaFinda 50 Megs, 1 Gig Transfer, Real FTP, Subdomain 50
Free Fast Networks Unlimited bandwith with 24/7 online friendly support team. TGP allowed with no restrictions. Domain parking, fast FTP, reliability, unlimited space and accounts. Unlimited
F-Hosting Free domain hosting, unlimited disk space, full FTP access, fast Servers, no headers and footers until march 2005, accepted by all major TGP's Unlimited
Park Your Porn hosting Brand new freehost, outstanding service with top of the range servers. with no redirects and no banners. 100% tgp compliant with no headers or footers until sept 2004!!
Free Russian Submitter account.
Free Rove TGP Submitter account.
Free Advanced Submitter account.
so check it out!
Free Porno Host Free adult hosting, unlimited space and bandwidth, real ftp access Unlimited
2Hot2Sexy 20 Megs disk storage space
Unlimited bandwidth
Super fast & reliable server
Easy to use web interface to create & manage your site!
Choose your own site name
Instant sign up
Available Guestbook
Available Webboard
XXServ Free Adult Hosting Quality free hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, no redirection, fastest gigabit network, 100% tgp compliant, the best place to host your galleries! Smallest ads (just two). Unlimited
Blazing Sex Host Free adult domain hosting! FTP,
PHP, PERL and even MySQL support!
Host your own domain or subdomain.
Free Gigz Unlimited traffic, unlimited space, free domain hosting, TGP traffic allowed, FTP compatible, 100% hardware uptime,
1.0 GBps optical fiber, 24/7 support, free submitter, useful bonuses.
Adult Mega Host Real FTP, sub-doamin or we park your domain. 100
Adult Heroes Free Hosting Fully featured free adult hosting for tgp galleries and free sites Unlimited
Qootle Unlimited bandwidth and space, movie files allowed, full FTP access, TGP/MGP friendly Unlimited
Stembolt's free host It's a free host, unlimited bandwidth/webspace.....
etc etc ;)
AWMhosting Our freehost offers unlimited banderwith and space... and gives you acces to mysql, php and cgi.... We will never have any headers, footers or popups, but you can only use approved sponsors Unlimited NO banners or popups ANYMORE! 100% Clean TGP compliant Free Hosting.
Ultimate offer in exchange of only your 404 traffic!
Unlimited Free adult hosting of YOUR DREAM! Headerless, footerless, with Full
FTP access. TGP galleries and even movies allowed! New and clean means
100% unbanned.
Unlimited New adult freehost even for TGP posts! We will host your porn, we will
pay for your bandwidth. You just get listed! No banners or popups. We
take only 404 traffic. TGP listing guaranteed!
Unlimited New era in adult free hosting has started! No more annoying banners!
No more popups! No more getting banned for using freehost! Pornity -
just like a pay hosting.
Host Fuck UNMETERED DATA TRANSFER, PHP, SSI, Sub domain address, Monthly Backups, FTP Access AND MORE! Unlimited
Colins Free Host PHP, MySQL, ULTRA FAST servers, unlimited B/W, unlimited space, TGP friendly, FTP access, much more Unlimited
Fast-Stars No bandwith or space restrictions. Absolutely free and automatical domain name hookup. NO HEADERS AND FOOTERS. Zero setup time - accounts created automatically. Unlimited
18servers Free adult web hosting. Unlimited storage & bandwidth. Ultra fast servers, 99.9 % uptime. Free PHP support, free MySQL, no long URLs. 100% TGP compliant. FTP or browser upload, real-time reporting. Free backups, fast and friendly support. Unlimited
Sultry Server Unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, no banners, FTP, a web based manager, a wysiwyg editor, 250kb max file size, sub-domain or domain hosting, and 24/7 support. Unlimited is the most effective and stable free adult hosting solution for every webmaster. We offer high quality services and features, such as Free Domains, 24 hour technical support, High quality reliable servers, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited subdomains... Unlimited
HostDirty Offering 500MB of Space and 5GB of Transfer. Small Banners and No annoying popups! Free Upgrades in Space and Transfer if needed upon request! 500 100Mb Free Space, URL as Subdomain, FTP Account, Control Panel with Stats and much more... 100 Best free hosting for your websites - unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, full ftp access and only text links Unlimited
Free TGP friendly Adult hosting 10+Mb, REAL FTP access, Unlimited bandwidth, TGP Friendly. NO consoles 10

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