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Subject: F*R*E*E* Feed

That's right, for a limited time I am allowed to offer our feed to Webmasters for free for 30 days. Known as one of the best Voyeur sites on the web with "Live chat included". We are doing this in order for you and your customers to enjoy the best of what the internet has to offer in the way of Gay Voyeurism. When this offer is over you can decided whether or not to continue with us at a low low locked in price

Pricing ranges: 24 gay feeds for $300 to small to medium webmasters and $800 to $1500 for the huge guys

Did you know that the Gay and Lesbian communities have more than twice the amount of income to spend on porn than the average straight person? Which means that when it comes to a premium site they are willing to pay more for higher quality. So why settle for having the basic porn site that caters to just to the straight male or why settle for just the basic Gay pics or movies? Why not add the variety that will give you the ability to make the money you want, and isn't that the goal of every Webmaster? More money.

First let me introduce myself first, I'm Chris McChesney the Assistant Marketing Rep. for . It is my job to let all the Webmasters know what my companies site has to offer. Some of you may remember the way the site WAS let us show you how it is NOW! This includes our sites all new "face lift", no more str8 or bi-boys all Gay, thatís right finally! It has been the new managementís goal to revamp this site to please the audiences, and the webmasters that in the past have looked us over due to the lack of content in the gay genre. Management has taken the bull by the horns and we are currently putting the finishing touches over all the web pages making them a more happy, carefree, eye pleasing, and of course gay friendly site including an all new chat program and easier to understand layouts, we have even gone so far as to expel the previous boys and locate some really cool, cute, and sexy talent. We now have a variety of types to cover more of what the viewing audiences had requested. Everything from skateboard twinks to the hunky model types. Presently featuring an inter-racial couple, a mix-raced stud, leather Hottie, and the pretty boy next door, with other gay visitors coming and going all the time. In short this "IS" the premium site your customers have been looking for. Soooo now that you've heard about it drop me a line and Ill give you your free passes. So what's it going to hurt by taking a peek? Thats right NOTHING!!!!

Thank You,

Christopher R. McChesney

Assistant Marketing Representative

K & L Internet Enterprises