Program Name PayOut

Pay by Bank transfer?

GigaCash Many Programs Yes Yes
60% Yes Yes
Hunters Cash Up to 65% Yes Yes
Rhinopays 60% Yes Yes
HPIC Many program Yes Yes
Adult Cashier 50-60% No Yes
SexTracker's MoneyTree $38 Yes No
PhotoByAG Partnership Program 30% No Yes
TotemCash 60% Yes Yes
GammaCash 50% Yes Yes
GetRightCash 50-65% Yes Yes
SlutMoney 60% Yes Yes
Sex Toy 25% No Yes
Top Shelf Sex Prepaid Adult Internet Cards & CDs Varios No No
Sex Cam Bucks 50% No Yes
Booty Zone 50% No Yes
Flashgold 60% No Yes
Celebrity Cash 50% No Yes
Foxy Flix Affiliates $25 No Yes
The Porn Freaks CASH 60-80% No Yes up to $40 per signup No No
WCP Cash 50% No Yes Cash 50-65% No Yes
Tampa Bukkake 50% No Yes
Sponsor Bucks 50% No Yes
Swinger Money 50% No Yes 60% No Yes(40%)
KaylaKash 50% No Yes
ABG Cash 50% No Yes
Xfusion Cash 60% No Yes
Team Glamour 50% No Yes
Candy Christopher Family Funds 60% No Yes 65% No Yes
Hungmen Cash 50% No Yes
Cash and A$$ets 50% No 0-25%
How I Got Rich 50% No Yes
MoreFuckingMoney 50% No Yes
Tight Clothes Production 50% No Yes
Muffs and Cuffs Various No Yes 20% Yes Yes
Fucking-Cash 50% Yes Yes
Firm Hand Spanking Affiliate Program $8/signup No Yes
MCTcash 50-60% No Yes
HentaiKiss 50% No Yes
Leading Edge Cash 30% No Yes
Dominicanboys 50% No Yes (25%) 25% No Yes
Wild Club Videos 60% No Yes
Petite Pay 50% No Yes
NaughtyFlixxx Adult DVDs 12% No Yes
Blue Blood's Spooky Cash 50% No Yes
Extreme cash 50% No Yes Up to 65% Yes Yes
Perfecto Dollars 50% No Yes
SRevenue 75% No Yes
Fetish X Toys Various No Various 25% No Yes
GameboXXX Up to 70% No Yes
IACash Up to 60% No Yes
XXmoney 60% No Yes
Save Smart Adult DVD Up to 30% No Yes
Buy DVD Porn Up to 30% No Yes
Rabbits Reviews Webmasters Program Various No Various
Princess Susanne 50% No Yes
Tsladies 50% No Yes
Niche Pay 50-70% No Yes
Private Cuties 50% No Yes
BV Cash 50% No Yes 50% No Yes Various No Various
Favourite Cash 50% No Yes
Hot Porn Templates 35% No Yes
All Fetish Revenue 50-55% No Yes Affiliate Program 20% No Yes
Shemale.CC 50% No Yes
NakedCash.NET 50% No Yes
Innocent Cash 50% No Yes
PGbucks Affiliates 50-65% Yes Yes 50% No Yes Affliate Program 50% No Yes
BC Cash 50% No Yes
Cz Cash 50% No Yes
AWM 50% No Yes
Vixen Bucks 50% No Yes
XXX Key 50% No Yes
BucksFactory 50-60% No Yes
NaughtyNiche.Com 60% No Yes
Spanking Dollars Up to 60% No Yes
XXX Money $35-$45 per signup No Yes (60%)
Egayte Affiliate Programm Up to 70% No Yes
Tokyo Whores Cash 50% Yes Yes
MovieRevenue Up to 60% Yes Up to 60%
Adult Emal Cash Up To $3.70 Per Email No No 60% Yes Yes
Pimp Profits Various No Yes
Neosexcash 50% No Yes
Blacknwhite Bucks 50% No Yes
SP-Money 50% Yes Yes 60% Yes Yes
Bucks Matrix 50% Yes Yes
BunzCash 50% No Yes
CashBreaker 50-60% No Yes
Pot Of Money 50% No Yes
CelebMovieCash 50% No Yes
D-view media 50% No Yes
Advanced Bucks 50% Yes Yes
Adult Dating Pro 60% No Yes
Magnus Bucks 50-60% No Yes
Amateur Porn Bucks 50% No Yes
TimeCash 50% No Yes Up to 70% Yes Yes

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