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  • Pay As You Click - If your site contains pictures, clips, full videos, stories or any downloadable content, you can now charge surfers by the click, instead of by subscription. Surfers will be charged from 1c to $2 for every click on your thumbs, with the picture or video delivered instantly. Its just like free surfing, except they pay! Our unique single-click payments mean once they get excited the click-rate is amazing, surfers often make hundreds of paid clicks per hour.
  • PPV Diallers - PPV Diallers offers high payout dialler solutions for Adult Webmasters. We also offer Webdesign and content solutions.
  • PSBill - PSBill offers on-line billing services for subscriptions and shopping cart websites. Our rates are competitive, our support team is superior. Low rates, no setup fees, no monthly fees, no volume limits. Both own merchant account and third-party processing model.
  • Secsy Webs SMS Access - SMS text messages are the new way to pay for adult site access, full adaptable to webmasters needs, easy to use and install, full tech support, no age check no web based dialers, no credit cards. All the end user needs is a mobile phone.
  • Secsy Webs SMS Micro Billing - SMS is text message billing from mobile phones, customers send a text at a premium rate and they get sent a password and username to your site/content. Content available if required. Free sites to qualifying webmasters
  • SMS Kambi - The simple and secure way to pay for online content via a mobile phone! A premium charge is billed to a mobile phone account or deducted from a prepaid account. This anonymous billing solution, available in 12 countries, is a complimentary payment method to Dialer and Credit Card.
  • Tease Dialer - tease dialer offers the highest rates, bonus money, no setup fee and no chargebacks

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