• Verotel - Billing Solutions - Verotel offers all services in one simple package. There are no setup costs and there are no monthly minimum fees. Recommended
  • mENABLE, Mobile Payment Solutions - Attention Webmasters - New Payment Service Launched - Capture up to 64% more revenue on your website! mENABLE offers a simple and secure way to pay for online content via a mobile / cell phone. Surfers simply have to send a premium SMS and will receive within seconds their PIN to access your content or services, to which they are charged. For more information, please visit
  • PasswordByPhone - PasswordByPhone is a powerful global billing tool that allows you to bill the world with a simple phone call. The call-to-action is geo-targeted in 36 languages so you will be selling to surfers in their native language. No software needs to be downloaded, no second phone line needed. Awesome recurring business. Factored payment every two weeks by wire, check, moneybookers or epassporte all with no chargebacks or pending transactions.
  • PSBill - PSBill offers on-line billing services for subscriptions and shopping cart websites. Our rates are competitive, our support team is superior. Low rates, no setup fees, no monthly fees, no volume limits. Both own merchant account and third-party processing model.
  • SMS Kambi - The simple and secure way to pay for online content via a mobile phone! A premium charge is billed to a mobile phone account or deducted from a prepaid account. This anonymous billing solution, available in 12 countries, is a complimentary payment method to Dialer and Credit Card.

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