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  • Think Dialer - Two dialer options, standard: 37c/min + for 247 countries, scaling: 45c/min +. Bi-weekly payout. Small dialer size. Awesome hold times.
  • Toon-Cash - We offer exclusive content dialers 20 types of them custom ones can be made payouts every 2 weeks great hodltimes super toon dialers also.
  • - Make Your Bank Account Say - Get paid up to $0.85 per minute. Bi-weekly payments via Check/Wire/Paypal. ActiveX or Executable dialer. Multiple routes for top countries. Average hold times of 12 - 20 minutes.
  • XXXDialer.BIZ - We pay up to 12 EURO per call and up to $1.15 pre min. We give our redirection service for free. (we accept bank transfer).

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