GigaCash - #1 Partnership Programs


  • TNT Cash - 4 cents per unique click, 2 cents per raw hit, 0.4 cent per impression, 20% referral program. No conversions!
  • Toolbarcash - HEY! Earn $.15 per free install, high conversion ratios, payouts every week. A new program which is 100% unique & kickin asses. You'll make EXTRA MONEY with your existing traffic. It doesn't get any easier than this! Real time stats, Appealing marketing tools, And many more! Signup Now!
  • Wealth Per Click - WEBMASTERS! Special Deal: Get up to $.10 Per Raw Blind Click! Over 7 Times Better than the leading sponsor! All sites are accepted and checks get sent out Bi-Weekly!
  • Xbucks Webmasters Make Money - Xbucks Free Joins=High Conversions Amazing converions, our best site gets 1:60 clicks/sales ratio. That is Huge Money! Webcam sites, Niche Sites. We Convert! Dont waste anymore time on anything other than Xbucks.
  • XO REVENUE - Higher & Faster Payouts! - Get up to $45 Per sign up!
  • XtroCash - Adult webmaster, we pay 4 cents per blind click, 2 cents per click for warez, up to 80 cents per dialer minute and $4 per CPM (cost per thousand impressions). No conversion ever! Convert your exit traffic into money! You also earn 10% of referred webmasters income!
  • Your XXX Sponsor - Earn 0.04$ per blind click, 0.0045$ per impression (4.5$ per CPM) and 10% per referral.

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